HARMONY COUNCIL (HC Global) is a boutique consulting firm that provides a range of services for TerraForming, Media & Entertainment, Financial Services, and Education. Rooted in action, our philosophy is based on a social impact business development and investing model, that generates economic prosperity by way of improving the state of our communities and environment.

As we move into a sophisticated and conscious social sphere, we must address the rapidly evolving demands of the next generation. We believe that progress happens in a HARMONY of differences, balancing unique alliances and developing a diverse portfolio, in a  rapidly changing global environment. We create strategic public- private partnerships that take on real world challenges, with accountability and conscientious values. We are Change Agents. 

Our team is committed to understanding your goals and challenges;  to design strategies customized for each client’s unique mission.

We are dedicated to working together to optimize your organization’s functionality, a collaboration to elevate your capacity and performance. We develop and implement growth opportunities by creating a strategic plan to improve services, mitigate risk, and pursue dynamic initiatives that penetrate new markets and revitalize existing ones.

“Humanity in business as in Life”©