Wildlanderz™ is a philosophical paradigm shift, a project based socio-economic development model, dedicated to building new industries committed to restoring naturally functioning ecosystems, both in our human communities and our planet. Understanding the vital interwoven and symbiotic relationship between a healthy environment, healthy people, and a thriving, diverse society.

The Projects:

Wildwood Management™ is a natural resource management services & eco-industry commodities company, created and developed by Wildlanderz™ a project based business model.

Our current forest management project has assembled Native American naturalists to lead environmental scientists, re-educated lumberjacks, activists, ecologists, and foresters in using innovative green technology and strategies to work harmoniously with our environment. This public/private business model implements a sustainable, scalable long-term TRUE solution to CLIMATE CHANGE. The benefits are exponential; this is not a non-profit or government program, or a disguised timber industry ploy. This is a new industry that includes both environmental and socio-economic development. We are restoring the natural health and balance of our environment, through a practical and proven process, based in Native American principles of good “STEWARDSHIP,” and holistic wisdom.

We have developed a for-profit company that will conduct a forest management initiative to service both public and private forests. This company will implement the extraction of fuel load suppression trees, within proprietary environmental and indigenous ecological methods. In addition, we will reintroduce this sustainable, extracted timber, “giftwood,” for use in the commercial marketplace.

Benefits of forest restoration:

Fire Resilience – Native plants have evolved for the specific climate of the area. They can handle the seasons and drought cycle, and when fires happen they can be milder and actually restorative for the ecosystem – unlike the intense and destructive wildfires that we see around the state currently.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction – Healthy forests pull carbon and pollutants out of the atmosphere and store them, helping to slow climate change. Much of the work happens below ground: as root systems develop and soil health improves from the scarring of fire, microbes help create a “carbon sponge” under the surface.

Ecosystem Health – Native species survive, preserving biodiversity and providing habitat for wildlife. Local fauna benefit from increased food, shelter, safe passageways, and mating opportunities.

Water Management and Watershed Health – Forest restoration isn’t just plants: we pay attention to the landscape, working to make sure water can be slowed and absorbed into the soil and nourish plants – as it would have in healthy, native forests. The forest then helps cool the region through evapotranspiration and evaporation. As water slows and permeates the ground, it can help restore aquifers and waterways, providing stable water supplies for humans as well as the forest ecosystem.